Don't Leave After School / Meet Me After School / School's Over, Please Stay! / Fang Xue Bie Zou / Gặp tôi sau giờ học / Temui Aku Sepulang Sekolah / 放学别走
Rank: 1639th, it has 2.8K monthly / 6.7K total views.
Artists: You bu er
Genres: Manhua , Yaoi(BL) , Drama , Romance , School Life , Shounen ai , Slice of Life
Original language: Chinese
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
Upload status: Ongoing
Blake's cruising through life as the most popular guy at school until this new student Sean arrives. This bastard's the one responsible for hurting his brother! So Blake makes plans to beat him up after school every day, but why won't he fight back, what's the deal with him?! Sean's life seems hard with no money but still he doesn't complain about anything... and why does he have to be so good-looking?! Will sparks fly between these two or will it be fists? Come by after school and find out!
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Chapter 20 : No Sweat
Harachi 150 + 1.5K 12 days ago
Chapter 19 : Admit It
Harachi 148 + 1.4K 12 days ago
Chapter 15 : Forbidden
Harachi 156 + 1.7K 13 days ago
Chapter 10 : My Fault
Harachi 191 + 2.1K 13 days ago
Chapter 9 : Win-win
Harachi 179 + 2.1K 14 days ago
Chapter 7 : On Purpose
Harachi 195 + 2.1K 14 days ago
Chapter 5 : Stubborn
Harachi 201 + 2.3K 14 days ago