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Today is my Birthday 🥹🎉
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“Jujucat, Who the fuck
do you think you are?”
The Gen Z red flag and
possessive men simper.

A list of my favorite reads‬

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My name is Ju/Juju,
I’m 26 years old with an addiction to
Coffee and Energy Drinks. I have an obsession with anime, horror, BL, and music. My username originated from
Jujutsu Kaisen and my love for cats.

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Discord ID: jujicat
Discord Server ->

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MDX -> Here
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Passion 10/20/30
Legs That Won’t Walk 2/12/22
XXX Buddy 10/20/30
Blue Glass 10/20/30
Queen's Life At Stake 10/20/30
The Foul 10/20/30
Two Empires 10/20/30
Beware the Ides of March 4/14/24
Lucky Paradise 1/11/21
Love History Caused By Willful Negligence 9/19/29
Lunacy 1/11/21









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